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how save results?

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abdullah qasim
abdullah qasim 2019년 12월 7일
답변: Walter Roberson 2019년 12월 7일
how save sevral results in same time like this in one term
save(z_room z_room1 z_room2 z_room3 z_room4 z_room5 z_room6 z_room7 z_room8 z_room9 z_room10 z_room11 z_room12 z_room13 z_room14 z_room15 z_room16 z_room17 z_room18 z_room19 z_room20 z_room21 z_room22 z_room23 z_room24 z_room25)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 12월 7일
save() permits using a wildcard, such as
save('filename.mat', 'z_room*')
save() also permits a -regexp option for more complicated matching.

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