TI C2000 Support from Embedded Coder

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shivashankar c
shivashankar c 2019년 12월 2일
답변: shivashankar c 2019년 12월 5일
I am usign a Matlab 2018 b and try to install this add-on @ Win 10. But running into "The support package is not compatible with your version of MATLAB or operating system" error. What may be source of the problem ?
How can I solve it?


Swastik Sanjay Chaudhury
Swastik Sanjay Chaudhury 2019년 12월 5일
Hello Shivashankar,
Some support packages may not be available for your operating system. To see a full list of support packages and what operating systems are supported, please refer to:

shivashankar c
shivashankar c 2019년 12월 5일
Thank you for your response!

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