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how can I calculate the number of cristalysing cycles in MATLAB?

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Hamed Hedayatnia
Hamed Hedayatnia 2019년 11월 19일
답변: Mahesh Taparia 2019년 11월 22일
HI. I am engaged with a meteorological dataset. I am working on the relative humidity variable based on hourly data. I want to calculate the number of cycles in which, the relative humidity cross the 75.3%. for two consecutive days. How can I show this phase change point in in index to apply it on my timetable?


Mahesh Taparia
Mahesh Taparia 2019년 11월 22일
Hi Hamed,
To count the number of times RH>75.3%, first you store your dataset in a variable and take a counter (initialize to 0) variable in a for loop. Then check for the condition whether RH>75.3%, if so then set count=count+1. The final count value will give the required frequency. For example, consider the below code:
for i=1:length(data)


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