Extracting Slices From Slice Function

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Articat 2019년 10월 11일
답변: prasanth s 2019년 10월 11일
I have a volume that I am seperating into individual slices, here is the follwing code:
S = slice(xGrid2,zGrid2,yGrid2,permute(velocityMag./u,[3 2 1]),[5,10,15,20,25],[0],[]);
S(1).EdgeColor = 'none';
S(1).FaceAlpha = 0.8;
S(2).EdgeColor = 'none';
S(2).FaceAlpha = 0.8;
S(3).EdgeColor = 'none';
S(3).FaceAlpha = 0.8;
S(4).EdgeColor = 'none';
S(4).FaceAlpha = 0.8;
Is there a way I can select each slice and plot it individually?
Thanks for the help!

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prasanth s
prasanth s 2019년 10월 11일
use the vector slicing to get one slice, Let V is the input volume. e.g
use 'imshow' or 'imagesc' functions to view the slice as image

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