Unable to perform assignment because the size of the left side is 901-by-1153 and the size of the right side is 901-by-1153-by-3.

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I am getting the error int the title. How logical is this error? Left size and right size are equal as error says.
Here is the code
(b_x1, b_y1) left top corner
(b_x2, b_y2) right bottom corner
b_y1 = 180
b_y2 = 1080
b_x1 = 288
b_x2 = 1440
blurred_segment = imcrop(image, [b_x1 b_y1 (b_x2-b_x1) (b_y2-b_y1)]);
image(b_y1:b_y2, b_x1:b_x2) = blurred_segment;
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rough93 2019년 9월 25일
your blurred_segment image will be a 3 value vector at each point because it is a 2d image with 3 channels. Your b_y1:b_y2, b_x1:b_x2 is only a 2 value vector. I imagine this is where you're getting the error from.

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Matt J
Matt J 2019년 9월 26일
image(b_y1:b_y2, b_x1:b_x2,:) = blurred_segment;




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