Higher dimensional space of data

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답변: John D'Errico 2019년 9월 17일
Hello Family,
How do I project a data on higher dimensional space...attached is a sample data


John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2019년 9월 17일
You want to project data into a HIGHER dimensinal space? Trivial. For example...
data = rand(10,1);
So data represents a set of points in a ONE dimensional space. Now, I'll project that data set into a THREE dimensional space. A simple transformation matrix will suffice.
T = [1 0 1];
data3 = data*T;
data3 is now a set of data that lives in a 3 dimensional space, projected from the 1-d space of the original set. Note that I could have used ANY row vector T to do the transformation.
Or, are you asking how to project data that is in a HIGHER dimensional space, into a LOWER dimensional space? Again, trivial.
data3 = rand(10,3);
Here, again represents 10 points, randomly scattered in 3 dimensions. In fat, I'll do a random projection this time.
T = randn(3,2);
data2 = data3*T;
Voila! data2 now lives in 2 dimensions. Each row of that set represents the coordinates of a point in a plane.
If you have a question this has not answered, then you need to be considerably more clear in your question.

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