I want to implement the Friction Forces shown for any signal input in Simulink.

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I have the following data for Friction Forces.
Any idea how should I proceed?
I was thinking of using 1-D Lookup Table with the above Friction Data and the input to the 1-D Lookup Table will be the signal and the output being the frictional forces resulting for the said signal. Is this right?
Or should I use some specific Friction model?
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Saket Chirania
Saket Chirania 2020년 6월 1일
Using 1-D Lookup Table for the shared data is likely the correct approach in this case rather than using some specific Friction model. However, if the number of the inputs in your functions increase later (which is currently one i.e, Stroke), you will also have to increase the number of dimension in your Lookup Table accordingly.

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