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How can I limit the size of the output signal from deconvolution using deconvwnr?

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I want to deconvolve a signal with a point spread function to retrieve a "ground truth" signal. I know that the ground truth is roughly Gaussian and should be 7x7 pixels.
This works when I do deconvolution without noise. However, when I add noise I get this weird periodic semi-gaussian signal that is the same length as the point spread function (47 pixels).
Is it possible to restrict the size of the output to be a 7x7 image?
Here is the code. The variables are attached:

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For J = deconvwnr(I,psf,nsr), from the documentation, J is a numeric array the same size as I. 'temp' is 7x47 and it produces the same size output. I don't have enough background on this topic to recommend an alternative but if you use deconvwnr() you can expect your output size to match the first input size.

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