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How to detect a column which gives me maximum value of the result.

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Prakhar Modi
Prakhar Modi 15 Aug 2019
답변: Star Strider 15 Aug 2019
Hello everyone,
for example I have to calculate z using the equation
here y is 15x1 matrix and x is also 15x1 matrix. I have 15 set of x which is 15x1 matrix and we can assume it as x=15x15 matrix. Now take a look at the code
for j=1:15
for i=1:15
here I am getting the z as 15x15 matrix. Then I am calculating the sum of z. So for the maximum sum of z i want to know which 15x1 matrix of x have provided the max z. And assign it as x1 for further calcultation.
Thanks in advance.

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Star Strider
Star Strider 15 Aug 2019
Try this:
x = rand(15); % Create Matrix
y = rand(15,1); % Create Vector
[~,maxCol] = max(sum(y - x)) % Result

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