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How to normalize time periods

I am very new to matlab and I don't know how to code this problem.I have two arrays: Debut and End. Each array contains doubles that indicates the start(Debut) or the end(End) of a certain period.I am doing some signal processing so I want all these periods be normalised. I am thinking of calculating the mean of all periods and then normalize each period to that mean ? or do you have any other ideas ?

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MATLAB has a normalize function, you can view the documentation here. From your description of your problem, you can first calculate the mean of the arrays Debut and End element-wise and then use normalize() on the resultant array. For example, the following code does somewhat similar to what you want:
x = rand(1,10);
y = rand(1,10);
avg = (x+y)/2;
norm_avg = normalize(avg);
where x,y are 2 arrays, avg is the element-wise average of x,y and norm_avg is the result after using normalize() on avg.

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How about finding the difference between Debut, Fin first, then dividing the resultant by max(resultant). For example,
x = rand(1,10);
y = rand(1,10);
diff = y-x;
res = diff ./ max(diff)
This should not produce any negative output because before normalizing every element is positive.
I tought about too that but i need to use each element of the array in an other function ' arguments.
You could keep normalized values of each array separately in some other array, and to calculate normalized value of the difference you can use the original array.
x = rand(1,10);
y = rand(1,10);
diff = y-x;
res_nor = diff ./ max(diff)
x_nor = x ./ max(x)
y_nor = y ./ max(y)
Maybe something like the above code.

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Akshay Malav 님의 답변 20 Jun 2019

Hi , there is a inbuilt function in matlab to normalize the data . Look at the link mentioned below .
The function is V = normalize(A)
V will contain the normalized value of the array A

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s 'normalize' defined for input arguments of type 'double'?
Yes it is defined for double also
Ans also adding to above answer the normalize function ignores NaN values if it is present in your array

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