How to calculate magnitude from CWT And remove low amplitude sections using a sliding window

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Hello everyone, I have a challenging task and I would appreciate any help. I have this magnitude scalogram from the
function. I have two main problems. 1.cwt function outputs wt, which is a 2D matrix. The rows represent the scales and the columns are equal to the length of the data. I would like to know if it's possible to calculate a single row vector which represents the overall magnitude of the signal? Just like the magnitude used in the scalogram figure automatically generated by MATLAB cwt Would this be equivalent to the raw signal?
Secondly, if it's possible to obtain a single row vector that represents the magnitude, I would like to know if it's possible to use some kind of sliding window to remove the low magnitude(amplitude) components (indicated in the black box) from the data. I know I have to set a threshold and reject those below the threshold but how do I go about that?
Would really appreciate any advice, feedback and suggestions. Thank you so much. I'm attaching a sample signal. Thanks.
clear all
% Read in the data
ACC = readmatrix('NO LASER.xlsx','Sheet',1);
Fs = 2000;
ACC = lowpass(ACC,20,Fs,'Steepness',0.85,'StopbandAttenuation',60);
cwt(ACC,Fs); %generates scalogram
[wt,f] = cwt(ACC,Fs);%



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