Running C code from Matlab

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Kamesh Sandeep
Kamesh Sandeep 2019년 6월 4일
댓글: Chiluveru Manishankar 2023년 2월 9일
I have a complicated C code which I need to call and run in Matlab. I am not that knowledgable about coding.
I have read lot of discussions, but have not really understood. So, if possible if someone can suggest the simple way of doing it step-wise, that will be really helpful.

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Raghunandan V
Raghunandan V 2019년 6월 4일
Hi Sandeep,
For sure there is no one line solution for this. I learnt it using these video series by Matlab. please follow it, you will have a good idea.
Raghunandan V

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Priysha Aggarwal
Priysha Aggarwal 2019년 6월 4일
To run a function from a C file in MATLAB, you have to create a MEX file. Edit your C code as per the following:

Chiluveru Manishankar
Chiluveru Manishankar 2023년 2월 9일
I am getting error while generating code from m file
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Chiluveru Manishankar
Chiluveru Manishankar 2023년 2월 9일
Any help please

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