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less than or equal as symbol in prompt of inputdlg

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xena42 2 Jun 2019
댓글: xena42 2 Jun 2019
Hello :)
I'm trying to use the symbol in the prompt of my inputdlg but I can't make it work.
Here is the code:
sprintf('%s\n%s','some text in first line',...
'enter number (5 < x < 50):'),... % here it would be great with the <= symbol instead
sprintf('%s\n%s','smoe more text',...
'i would really appreciate your help!')};
I would appreciate your help!

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Guillaume 2 Jun 2019
≤ is unicode U+2264, One way to insert it into text is with another sprintf:
sprintf('enter number (5 \x2264 x \x2264 50):')
You could always type <= to avoid resorting to Unicode.

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xena42 2 Jun 2019
Thank you so much! It works perfectly :)

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