run two loop in different script

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mohammed alany
mohammed alany 2019년 5월 8일
댓글: mohammed alany 2019년 5월 9일
i am running a loop in the first script, and in the second script there is loop generate random number "rN".
and there is a condition in the first script says:
if rN > 0.9
how i can combine these two script ?????
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mohammed alany
mohammed alany 2019년 5월 9일
1- rN values should they become available As soon as possible after they are generated?
2-while loop have to continue calculating till rN > 0.9, then (while loop have to stop to start another condition)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 5월 9일
%% animation part
while( distanceToGoal > goalRadius )
[v, omega] = step(controller, robot.CurrentPose);
drive(robot, v, omega)
robotCurrentLocation = robot.CurrentPose(1:2)
distanceToGoal = norm(robotCurrentLocation - robotGoal);
rN = rand;
disp(['rN = ' num2str(rN)])
if rN > 0.9
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mohammed alany
mohammed alany 2019년 5월 9일
Many thanks dear

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