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How can I use a variable and its value from a .m file, in a gui?

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I have a .m file, where i calculate an array of variables. I would like to load these into my gui and plot them.
I tried to use txt fils, but could not load them as a table.
I tried to put them into excel file but the program says that the excel file is locked(opened) and cannot be edited...
"is not writable. It might be locked by another process."
I have not got a clue how to use these variables in my gui. I have never used gui before and i am not professional in matlab.
Could someone help me, please?

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How does your code produce output at the moment?
well basically I have several files in the same folder, running toogether when i run the main file.
They sort a test movement into 4 different groups depending on its features( classification, svm). Then there are certain features that I have to plot in a gui eg peak numbers , whih ci know how to calculate in the main .m file, but do not know how to pass the calculated value to the gui or app designer.

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