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How to find the smoothness of these results?

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최근 활동 Jan 님이 답변함. 9 Apr 2019
I have a set of measurements of acceleration (in x, y, z direction).
I am supposed to be finding the indicator of the signal to show how smooth it is (jerk metric).
But i don`t know how to do it.
i understand that i have to use differentiation, to get the derivative of data ( i dont know if i have to differentiate the acceleration values).
Could someone help me to get some ideas?
Thank you

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Jerk is a term sometimes used to describe the third derivative, thus the derivative of acceleration. If you have acceleration versus time, then cmpute the derivative.

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Answer by Jan
on 9 Apr 2019

Acceleration = rand(1, 1000); % Test data
Jerk = gradient(Acceleration);
This replies the two sided quotient of differences as 2nd order approximation of the derivative.

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