Exiting: the problem is unbounded.

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tahseen alshmary
tahseen alshmary 2019년 3월 19일
댓글: John D'Errico 2019년 3월 21일
dear all
i have problem with this code for linear programming code
how can i solved it and the proble is (Exiting: the problem is unbounded.)
the code is
%To minimize our fitness function using the linear programming function, we need to pass in a function handle to the fitness function as well as specifying the number of variables as the second argument. Lower and upper bounds are provided as LB and UB respectively. In addition, we also need to pass in a function handle to the nonlinear constraint function.
f= [7.0976 3.5366 4.7836 6.5678 4.0069 4.1739 3.3839 4.2305 3.3839 4.2305 4.1049 3.0558 3.0153 2.3903 2.5469 2.4238 2.5191 2.6079 9.4415 2.2440 2.4373 1.9621 1.9703 2.0532 1.9703 2.0532 2.2324 1.9757 1.9306 2.3931 2.1379 2.0626 2.1379 2.0626 2.0508 1.9682 2.0508 1.9682 1.9509 2.7096 1.9509 2.7096 3.8182 2.0502 2.1055 3.0223 1.9565 2.0049 1.9565 2.0049 2.1366 1.9232 2.1262 1.9179 2.2441 2.2710 5.9721 2.3979 2.0913 2.6913 2.0968 2.7242 2.4921 2.5701 3.4983 2.5363 4.6938 0 2.1568 4.0198 2.1366 2.3284 2.1366 2.3284 3.1522 2.2839 2.1980 2.3528 2.6189 2.3485 15.3399 2.3086 2.5137 2.3593 2.5020 2.3824 3.9031 3.5837 7.7521 2.3587 2.9206 4.3354 3.4461 2.4113 2.5340 2.4394 2.4386 3.7901 5.1272 2.7392 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4];
LB = 0.05*ones(1,100); % Lower bound for (x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 x8 x9 x10 x11 x12 x13 x14 ...........x100)
UB = 0.3*ones (1,100); % Upper bound for (x1 x2 x3 x4 x5 x6 x7 x8 x9 x10 x11 x12 x13 x14 ..........x100)
A=zeros(491,200); b=zeros(491,1);
A(1,1)=+7.0976; A(1,4)=-14.0392; b(1)=-0.2; %first row
A(2,2)=+3.5366; A(2,6)=-5.8898; b(2)=-0.2; %second row
A(3,2)=-5.9183; A(3,3)=+4.7836; b(3)=-0.2; %third row
A(5,1)=-11.4142; A(5,5)=+4.0069; b(5)=-0.2; %fifth row
A(6,6)=+4.1739; A(6,12)=-5.8996; b(6)=-0.2; %sixth row
A(7,5)=-5.6869; A(7,7)=+3.3839; b(7)=-0.2; %seventh row
A(8,7)=+3.3839; A(8,12)=-5.8996; b(8)=-0.2; %eighth row
A(9,8)=+4.2305; A(9,9)=-6.1631; b(9)=-0.2; %nighth row
A(10,5)=-5.6869; A(10,9)=+3.3839; b(10)=-0.2; %tenth row
A(11,9)=+3.3839; A(11,12)=-5.8996; b(11)=-0.2; %eleventh row
A(12,7)=-6.1631; A(12,10)=+4.2305; b(12)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(13,5)=-5.6869; A(13,11)=+4.1049; b(13)=-0.2; %thirteenth row
A(14,12)=+3.0558; A(14,14)=-7.1774; b(14)=-0.2; %fourteenth row
A(15,11)=-7.3650; A(15,13)=+3.0153; b(15)=-0.2; %fiveteenth row
A(16,14)=+2.3903; A(16,39)=-3.4890; b(16)=-0.2; %sixteenth row
A(17,14)=+2.3903; A(17,41)=-3.4890; b(17)=-0.2; %seventennth row
A(18,14)=+2.3903; A(18,57)=-10.3674;b(18)=-0.2; %eighteenth row
A(19,15)=+2.5469; A(19,17)=-3.2833; b(19)=-0.2; %nighnteenth row
A(20,15)=+2.5469; A(20,19)=-64.8305;b(20)=-0.2; %twinty row
A(21,16)=+2.4238; A(21,22)=-3.3946; b(21)=-0.2; %twinty one row
A(22,16)=+2.4238; A(22,55)=-5.0166; b(22)=-0.2; %twenty two row
A(23,17)=+2.5191; A(23,45)=-2.6620; b(23)=-0.2; %twenty three row
A(24,16)=-3.3318; A(24,18)=+2.6079; b(24)=-0.2; %twenty four row
A(25,18)=+2.6079; A(25,19)=-64.8305;b(25)=-0.2; %twenty five row
A(26,16)=-3.3318; A(26,20)=+2.2440; b(26)=-0.2; %twenty seven row
A(27,17)=-3.2833; A(27,20)=+2.2440; b(27)=-0.2; %twenty eight row
A(28,15)=-3.4529; A(28,21)=+2.4373; b(28)=-0.2; %twenty nine row
A(29,21)=+2.4373; A(29,55)=-5.0166; b(29)=-0.2; %thirty row
A(30,22)=+1.9621; A(30,23)=-3.1372; b(30)=-0.2; %thirty one row
A(31,22)=+1.9621; A(31,25)=-3.1372; b(31)=-0.2; %thirty two row
A(32,22)=+1.9621; A(32,27)=-3.7362; b(32)=-0.2; %thirty three row
A(33,22)=+1.9621; A(33,30)=-6.7158; b(33)=-0.2; %thirty four row
A(34,23)=+1.9703; A(34,26)=-3.4825; b(34)=-0.2; %thirty five row
A(35,23)=+1.9703; A(35,48)=-3.6876; b(35)=-0.2; %thirty six row
A(36,23)=+1.9703; A(36,50)=-3.6876; b(36)=-0.2; %thirty seven row
A(37,24)=+2.0532; A(37,25)=-3.1372; b(37)=-0.2; %thirty eight row
A(38,24)=+2.0532; A(38,27)=-3.7362; b(38)=-0.2; %thirty nine row
A(39,24)=+2.0532; A(39,30)=-6.7158; b(39)=-0.2; %forty row
A(40,24)=-3.4825; A(40,25)=+1.9703; b(40)=-0.2; %forty one row
A(41,25)=+1.9703; A(41,48)=-3.6876; b(41)=-0.2; %forty two row
A(42,25)=+1.9703; A(42,50)=-3.6876; b(42)=-0.2; %forty three row
A(43,23)=-3.1372; A(43,26)=+2.0532; b(43)=-0.2; %forty four row
A(44,26)=+2.0532; A(44,27)=-3.7362; b(44)=-0.2; %forty five row
A(45,26)=+2.0532; A(45,30)=-6.7158; b(45)=-0.2; %forty six row
A(46,27)=+2.2324; A(46,70)=-4.2100; b(46)=-0.2; %forty seven row
A(47,27)=+2.2324; A(47,72)=-4.6162; b(47)=-0.2; %forty eight row
A(48,27)=+2.2324; A(48,74)=-4.6162; b(48)=-0.2; %forty nine row
A(49,21)=-4.0018; A(49,28)=+1.9757; b(49)=-0.2; %fifty row
A(50,23)=-3.1372; A(50,28)=+1.9757; b(50)=-0.2; %fifty one row
A(51,25)=-3.1372; A(51,28)=+1.9757; b(51)=-0.2; %fifty two row
A(52,28)=+1.9757; A(52,30)=-6.7158; b(52)=-0.2; %fifty three row
A(53,21)=-4.0018; A(53,29)=+1.9306; b(53)=-0.2; %fifty four row
A(54,23)=-3.1372; A(54,29)=+1.9306; b(54)=-0.2; %fifty five row
A(55,25)=-3.1372; A(55,29)=+1.9306; b(55)=-0.2; %fifty six row
A(56,27)=-3.7362; A(56,29)=+1.9306; b(56)=-0.2; %fifty seven row
A(57,30)=+2.3931; A(57,77)=-5.5574; b(57)=-0.2; %fifty eight row
A(58,30)=+2.3931; A(58,79)=-5.6824; b(58)=-0.2; %fifty nine row
A(59,30)=+2.3931; A(59,81)=-18.2525;b(59)=-0.2; %sixty row
A(60,30)=+2.3931; A(60,83)=-7.2767; b(60)=-0.2; %sixty one row
A(61,31)=+2.1379; A(61,34)=-3.2909; b(61)=-0.2; %sixty two row
A(62,31)=+2.1379; A(62,43)=-3.9942; b(62)=-0.2; %sixty three row
A(63,31)=+2.1379; A(63,46)=-3.5612; b(63)=-0.2; %sixty four row
A(64,32)=+2.0626; A(64,33)=-3.6476; b(64)=-0.2; %sixty five row
A(65,32)=+2.0626; A(65,36)=-3.5199; b(65)=-0.2; %sixty six row
A(66,32)=+2.0626; A(66,38)=-3.5199; b(66)=-0.2; %sixty seven row
A(67,32)=+2.0626; A(67,40)=-8.7575; b(67)=-0.2; %sixty eight row
A(68,32)=+2.0626; A(68,42)=-8.7575; b(68)=-0.2; %sixty nine row
A(69,32)=-3.2909; A(69,33)=+2.1379; b(69)=-0.2; %seventy row
A(70,33)=+2.1379; A(70,43)=-3.9942; b(70)=-0.2; %seventy one row
A(71,33)=+2.1379; A(71,46)=-3.5612; b(71)=-0.2; %seventy two row
A(72,31)=-3.6476; A(72,34)=+2.0626; b(72)=-0.2; %seventy three row
A(73,34)=+2.0626; A(73,36)=-3.5199; b(73)=-0.2; %seventy four row
A(74,34)=+2.0626; A(74,38)=-3.5199; b(74)=-0.2; %seventy five row
A(75,34)=+2.0626; A(75,40)=-8.7575; b(75)=-0.2; %seventy six row
A(76,34)=+2.0626; A(76,42)=-8.7575; b(76)=-0.2; %seventy seven row
A(77,31)=-3.6476; A(77,35)=+2.0508; b(77)=-0.2; %seventy eight row
A(78,33)=-3.6476; A(78,35)=+2.0508; b(78)=-0.2; %seventy nine row
A(79,35)=+2.0508; A(79,40)=-8.7575; b(79)=-0.2; %eighty row
A(80,35)=+2.0508; A(80,42)=-8.7575; b(80)=-0.2; %eighty one row
A(81,36)=+1.9682; A(81,37)=-3.7831; b(81)=-0.2; %eighty two row
A(82,36)=+1.9682; A(82,47)=-3.5405; b(82)=-0.2; %eighty three row
A(83,36)=+1.9682; A(83,49)=-3.5405; b(83)=-0.2; %eighty four row
A(84,36)=+1.9682; A(84,51)=-5.3385; b(84)=-0.2; %eighty five row
A(85,36)=+1.9682; A(85,53)=-5.7513; b(85)=-0.2; %eighty six row
A(86,31)=-3.6476; A(86,37)=+2.0508; b(86)=-0.2; %eighty seven row
A(87,33)=-3.6476; A(87,37)=+2.0508; b(87)=-0.2; %eighty eight row
A(88,36)=-3.5199; A(88,37)=+2.0508; b(88)=-0.2; %eighty nine row
A(89,37)=+2.0508; A(89,40)=-8.7575; b(89)=-0.2; %ninety row
A(90,37)=+2.0508; A(90,42)=-8.7575; b(90)=-0.2; %ninety one row
A(91,35)=-3.7831; A(91,38)=+1.9682; b(91)=-0.2; %ninety two row
A(92,38)=+1.9682; A(92,47)=-3.5405; b(92)=-0.2; %ninety three row
A(93,38)=+1.9682; A(93,49)=-3.5405; b(93)=-0.2; %ninety four row
A(94,38)=+1.9682; A(94,51)=-5.3385; b(94)=-0.2; %ninety five row
A(95,38)=+1.9682; A(95,53)=-5.7513; b(95)=-0.2; %ninety six row
A(96,31)=-3.6476; A(96,39)=+1.9509; b(96)=-0.2; %ninety seven row
A(97,33)=-3.6476; A(97,39)=+1.9509; b(97)=-0.2; %ninety eight row
A(98,36)=-3.5199; A(98,39)=+1.9509; b(98)=-0.2; %ninety nine row
A(99,38)=-3.5199; A(99,39)=+1.9509; b(99)=-0.2; %one hunderd row
A(100,39)=+1.9509;A(100,42)=-8.7575;b(100)=-0.2; %one hundered one row
A(101,13)=-8.1317;A(101,40)=+2.7096;b(101)=-0.2; %one hundered two row
A(102,40)=+2.7096;A(102,41)=-3.4890;b(102)=-0.2; %one hundered three row
A(103,40)=+2.7096;A(103,57)=-10.3674;b(103)=-0.2; %one hundered four row
A(104,31)=-3.6476;A(104,41)=+1.9509;b(104)=-0.2; %one hundered five row
A(105,33)=-3.6476;A(105,41)=+1.9509;b(105)=-0.2; %one hundered six row
A(106,36)=-3.5199;A(106,41)=+1.9509;b(106)=-0.2; %one hundered seven row
A(107,38)=-3.5199;A(107,41)=+1.9509;b(107)=-0.2; %one hundered eight row
A(108,40)=-8.7575;A(108,41)=+1.9509;b(108)=-0.2; %one hundered nine row
A(109,13)=-8.1317;A(109,42)=+2.7096;b(109)=-0.2; %one hundered ten row
A(110,39)=-3.4890;A(110,42)=+2.7096;b(110)=-0.2; %one hundered eleven row
A(111,42)=+2.7096;A(111,57)=-10.3674;b(111)=-0.2; %one hundered twelve row
A(112,32)=-3.2909;A(112,44)=+2.0502;b(112)=-0.2; %one hundered fourteen row
A(113,34)=-3.2909;A(113,44)=+2.0502;b(113)=-0.2; %one hundered fifteen row
A(114,44)=+2.0502;A(114,46)=-3.5612;b(114)=-0.2; %one hundered sixteen row
A(115,32)=-3.2909;A(115,45)=+2.1055;b(115)=-0.2; %one hundered seventeen row
A(116,34)=-3.2909;A(116,45)=+2.1055;b(116)=-0.2; %one hundered eigteen row
A(117,43)=-3.9942;A(117,45)=+2.1055;b(117)=-0.2; %one hundered ninteen row
A(118,18)=-3.3708;A(118,46)=+3.0223;b(118)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty row
A(119,24)=-3.4825;A(119,47)=+1.9565;b(119)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty 0ne row
A(120,26)=-3.4825;A(120,47)=+1.9565;b(120)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty two row
A(121,47)=+1.9565;A(121,50)=-3.6876;b(121)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty three row
A(122,35)=-3.7831;A(122,48)=+2.0049;b(122)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty four row
A(123,37)=-3.7831;A(123,48)=+2.0049;b(123)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty five row
A(124,48)=+2.0049;A(124,49)=-3.5405;b(124)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty six row
A(125,48)=+2.0049;A(125,51)=-5.3385;b(125)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty seven row
A(126,48)=+2.0049;A(126,53)=-5.7513;b(126)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty eight row
A(127,24)=-3.4825;A(127,49)=+1.9565;b(127)=-0.2; %one hundered twenty nine row
A(128,26)=-3.4825;A(128,49)=+1.9565;b(128)=-0.2; %one hundered thrity row
A(129,48)=-3.6876;A(129,49)=+1.9565;b(129)=-0.2; %one hundered thirty one row
A(130,35)=-3.7831;A(130,50)=+2.0049;b(130)=-0.2; %one hundered thirty two row
A(131,37)=-3.7831;A(131,50)=+2.0049;b(131)=-0.2; %one hundered thirty three row
A(132,47)=-3.5405;A(132,50)=+2.0049;b(132)=-0.2; %one hundered thirty four row
A(133,50)=+2.0049;A(133,51)=-5.3385;b(133)=-0.2; %one hundered thirty five row
A(134,50)=+2.0049;A(134,53)=-5.7513;b(134)=-0.2; %one hundered thirty six row
A(135,51)=+2.1366;A(135,54)=-5.2081;b(135)=-0.2; %one hundered thirty seven row
A(136,51)=+2.1366;A(136,60)=-7.6202;b(136)=-0.2; %one hundered thirty eight row
A(137,51)=+2.1366;A(137,62)=-6.9872;b(137)=-0.2; %one hundered thirty nine row
A(138,35)=-3.7831;A(138,52)=+1.9232;b(138)=-0.2; %one hundered forty row
A(139,37)=-3.7831;A(139,52)=+1.9232;b(139)=-0.2; %one hundered forty one row
A(140,47)=-3.5405;A(140,52)=+1.9232;b(140)=-0.2; %one hundered forty two row
A(141,49)=-3.5405;A(141,52)=+1.9232;b(141)=-0.2; %one hundered forty three row
A(142,52)=+1.9232;A(142,53)=-5.7513;b(142)=-0.2; %one hundered forty four row
A(143,52)=-4.8671;A(143,53)=+2.1262;b(143)=-0.2; %one hundered forty five row
A(144,53)=+2.1262;A(144,60)=-7.6202;b(144)=-0.2; %one hundered forty six row
A(145,53)=+2.1262;A(145,62)=-6.9872;b(145)=-0.2; %one hundered forty seven row
A(146,35)=-3.7831;A(146,54)=+1.9179;b(146)=-0.2; %one hundered forty eight row
A(147,37)=-3.7831;A(147,54)=+1.9179;b(147)=-0.2; %one hundered forty nine row
A(148,47)=-3.5405;A(148,54)=+1.9179;b(148)=-0.2; %one hundered fifity row
A(149,49)=-3.5405;A(149,54)=+1.9179;b(149)=-0.2; %one hundered fifty one row
A(150,51)=-5.3385;A(150,54)=+1.9179;b(150)=-0.2; %one hundered fifty two row
A(151,55)=+2.2441;A(151,69)=-2.3087;b(151)=-0.2; %one hundered fifty three row
A(152,15)=-3.4529;A(152,56)=+2.2710;b(152)=-0.2; %one hundered fifty four row
A(153,22)=-3.3946;A(153,56)=+2.2710;b(153)=-0.2; %one hundered fifty five row
A(154,13)=-8.1317;A(154,58)=+2.3979;b(154)=-0.2; %one hundered fifty seven row
A(155,39)=-3.4890;A(155,58)=+2.3979;b(155)=-0.2; %one hundered fifty eight row
A(156,41)=-3.4890;A(156,58)=+2.3979;b(156)=-0.2; %one hundered fifty nine row
A(157,52)=-4.8671;A(157,59)=+2.0913;b(157)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity row
A(158,54)=-5.2081;A(158,59)=+2.0913;b(158)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity one row
A(159,62)=-6.9872;A(159,59)=+2.0913;b(159)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity two row
A(160,60)=+2.6913;A(160,61)=-4.4203;b(160)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity three row
A(161,60)=+2.6913;A(161,63)=-8.1201;b(161)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity four row
A(162,65)=-11.2605;A(162,60)=+2.6913;b(162)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity five row
A(163,52)=-4.8671;A(163,61)=+2.0968;b(163)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity six row
A(164,54)=-5.2081;A(164,61)=+2.0968;b(164)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity seven row
A(165,60)=-7.6202;A(165,61)=+2.0968;b(165)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity eight row
A(166,59)=-4.6680;A(166,62)=+2.7242;b(166)=-0.2; %one hundered sixity nine row
A(167,62)=+2.7242;A(167,63)=-8.1201;b(167)=-0.2; %one hundered seventy row
A(168,62)=+2.7242;A(168,65)=-11.2605;b(168)=-0.2; %one hundered seventy one row
A(169,63)=+2.4921;A(169,84)=-7.0670;b(169)=-0.2; %one hundered sventy two row
A(170,63)=+2.4921;A(170,86)=-6.3283;b(170)=-0.2; %one hundered seventy three row
A(171,59)=-4.6680;A(171,64)=+2.5701;b(171)=-0.2; %one hundered seventy four row
A(172,61)=-4.4203;A(172,64)=+2.5701;b(172)=-0.2; %one hundered seventy five row
A(173,64)=+2.5701;A(173,65)=-11.2605;b(173)=-0.2; %one hundered seventy six row
A(174,65)=+3.4983;A(174,88)=-5.6032;b(174)=-0.2; %one hundered seventy seven row
A(175,59)=-4.6680;A(175,66)=+2.5363;b(175)=-0.2; %one hundered seventy eight row
A(176,61)=-4.4203;A(176,66)=+2.5363;b(176)=-0.2; %one hundered seventy nine row
A(177,63)=-8.1201;A(177,66)=+2.5363;b(177)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty row
A(178,67)=+4.6938;A(178,20)=-9.1333;b(178)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty one row
A(179,28)=-3.4252;A(179,69)=+2.1568;b(179)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty two row
A(180,69)=+2.1568;A(180,72)=-4.6162;b(180)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty three row
A(181,69)=+2.1568;A(181,74)=-4.6162;b(181)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty four row
A(182,56)=-5.0620;A(182,70)=+4.0198;b(182)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty five row
A(183,28)=-3.4252;A(183,71)=+2.1366;b(183)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty six row
A(184,70)=-4.2100;A(184,71)=+2.1366;b(184)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty seven row
A(185,71)=+2.1366;A(185,74)=-4.6162;b(185)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty eight row
A(186,72)=+2.3284;A(186,73)=-3.8108;b(186)=-0.2; %one hundered eighty nine row
A(187,72)=+2.3284;A(187,75)=-4.2686;b(187)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty row
A(188,72)=+2.3284;A(188,78)=-5.9702;b(188)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty one row
A(189,28)=-3.4252;A(189,73)=+2.1366;b(189)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty two row
A(190,70)=-4.2100;A(190,73)=+2.1366;b(190)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty three row
A(191,72)=-4.6162;A(191,73)=+2.1366;b(191)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty four row
A(192,71)=-3.8108;A(192,74)=+2.3284;b(192)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty five row
A(193,74)=+2.3284;A(193,75)=-4.2686;b(193)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty six row
A(194,74)=+2.3284;A(194,78)=-5.9702;b(194)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty seven row
A(195,75)=+3.1522;A(195,80)=-5.1540;b(195)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty eight row
A(196,71)=-3.8108;A(196,76)=+2.2839;b(196)=-0.2; %one hundered ninty nine row
A(197,73)=-3.8108;A(197,76)=+2.2839;b(197)=-0.2; %two hundered row
A(198,76)=+2.2839;A(198,78)=-5.9702;b(198)=-0.2; %two hundered one row
A(199,71)=-3.8108;A(199,77)=+2.1980;b(199)=-0.2; %two hundered two row
A(200,73)=-3.8108;A(200,77)=+2.1980;b(200)=-0.2; %two hundered three row
A(201,75)=-4.2686;A(201,77)=+2.1980;b(201)=-0.2; %two hundered four row
A(202,29)=-5.8141;A(202,78)=+2.3528;b(202)=-0.2; %two hundered five row
A(203,78)=+2.3528;A(203,79)=-5.6824;b(203)=-0.2; %two hundered six row
A(204,78)=+2.3528;A(204,81)=-18.2525;b(204)=-0.2; %two hundered seven row
A(205,78)=+2.3528;A(205,83)=-7.2767;b(205)=-0.2; %two hundered eight row
A(206,76)=-3.2570;A(206,79)=+2.6189;b(206)=-0.2; %two hundered nine row
A(207,29)=-5.8141;A(207,80)=+2.3485;b(207)=-0.2; %two hundered ten row
A(208,77)=-5.5574;A(208,80)=+2.3485;b(208)=-0.2; %two hundered eleven row
A(209,80)=+2.3485;A(209,81)=-18.2525;b(209)=-0.2; %two hundered tweleve row
A(210,80)=+2.3485;A(210,83)=-7.2767;b(210)=-0.2; %two hundered thirteen row
A(211,29)=-5.8141; A(211,82)=+2.3086;b(211)=-0.2; %two hundered fifteen row
A(212,77)=-5.5574; A(212,82)=+2.3086;b(212)=-0.2; %two hundered sixteen row
A(213,79)=-5.6824; A(213,82)=+2.3086;b(213)=-0.2; %two hundered seventeen row
A(214,82)=+2.3086; A(214,83)=-7.2767;b(214)=-0.2; %two hundered eighteen row
A(215,83)=+2.5137; A(215,64)=-8.2504;b(215)=-0.2; %two hundered ninteen row
A(216,83)=+2.5137; A(216,86)=-6.3283;b(216)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty row
A(217,29)=-5.8141; A(217,84)=+2.3593;b(217)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty one row
A(218,77)=-5.5574; A(218,84)=+2.3593;b(218)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty two row
A(219,79)=-5.6824; A(219,84)=+2.3593;b(219)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty three row
A(220,81)=-18.2525;A(220,84)=+2.3593;b(220)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty four row
A(221,64)=-8.2504; A(221,85)=+2.5020;b(221)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty five row
A(222,84)=-7.0670; A(222,85)=+2.5020;b(222)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty six row
A(223,86)=+2.3824; A(223,89)=-7.8429;b(223)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty seven row
A(224,86)=+2.3824; A(224,96)=-4.0030;b(224)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty eight row
A(225,66)=-9.0943; A(225,87)=+3.9031;b(225)=-0.2; %two hundered twenty nine row
A(226,88)=+3.5837; A(226,91)=-4.2457;b(226)=-0.2; %two hundered thirty row
A(227,85)=-6.4746; A(227,90)=+2.3587;b(227)=-0.2; %two hundered thirty two row
A(228,90)=+2.3587; A(228,96)=-4.0030;b(228)=-0.2; %two hundered thirty three row
A(229,91)=+2.9206; A(229,94)=-3.7203;b(229)=-0.2; %two hundered thirty four row
A(230,87)=-6.0008; A(230,92)=+4.3354;b(230)=-0.2; %two hundered thirty five row
A(231,92)=-5.8341; A(231,93)=+3.4461;b(231)=-0.2; %two hundered thirty six row
A(232,94)=+2.4113; A(232,95)=-4.0897;b(232)=-0.2; %two hundered thirty seven row
A(233,94)=+2.4113; A(233,98)=-4.4124;b(233)=-0.2; %two hundered thirty eight row
A(234,85)=-6.4746; A(234,95)=+2.5340;b(234)=-0.2; %two hundered thirty nine row
A(235,89)=-7.8429; A(235,95)=+2.5340;b(235)=-0.2; %two hundered forty row
A(236,93)=-4.7628; A(236,96)=+2.4394;b(236)=-0.2; %two hundered forty one row
A(237,96)=+2.4394; A(237,98)=-4.4124;b(237)=-0.2; %two hundered forty two row
A(238,93)=-4.7628; A(238,97)=+2.4386;b(238)=-0.2; %two hundered forty three row
A(239,95)=-4.0897; A(239,97)=+2.4386;b(239)=-0.2; %two hundered forty four row
A(240,98)=+3.7901; A(240,99)=-5.2386;b(240)=-0.2; %two hundered forty five row
A(241,97)=-3.0768; A(241,100)=+2.7392;b(241)=-0.2; %two hundered forty seven row
A(242,1)=+7.0976; A(242,104)=-0.4; b(242)=-0.2; %first row
A(243,2)=+3.5366; A(243,106)=-0.4; b(243)=-0.2; %second row
A(244,3)=+4.7836; A(244,102)=-0.4; b(244)=-0.2; %third row
A(245,5)=+4.0069; A(245,101)=-0.4; b(245)=-0.2; %fifth row
A(246,7)=+3.3839; A(246,105)=-0.4; b(246)=-0.2; %tenth row
A(247,9)=+3.3839; A(247,105)=-0.4; b(247)=-0.2; %tenth row
A(248,11)=+4.1049; A(248,105)=-0.4; b(248)=-0.2; %tenth row
A(249,10)=+4.2305; A(249,107)=-0.4; b(249)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(250,9)=+3.3839; A(250,108)=-0.4; b(250)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(251,6)=+4.1739; A(251,108)=-0.4; b(251)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(252,11)=+4.1049; A(252,108)=-0.4; b(252)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(253,8)=+4.2305; A(253,109)=-0.4; b(253)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(254,6)=+4.1739; A(254,110)=-0.4; b(254)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(255,7)=+3.3839; A(255,110)=-0.4; b(255)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(256,1)=+4.1049; A(256,110)=-0.4; b(256)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(257,13)=+3.0153; A(257,111)=-0.4; b(257)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(258,6)=+4.1739; A(258,112)=-0.4; b(258)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(259,7)=+3.3839; A(259,112)=-0.4; b(259)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(260,9)=+3.3839; A(260,112)=-0.4; b(260)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(261,40)=+2.7096; A(261,113)=-0.4; b(261)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(262,42)=+2.7096; A(262,113)=-0.4; b(262)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(263,58)=+2.3979; A(263,113)=-0.4; b(263)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(264,12)=+3.0558; A(264,114)=-0.4; b(264)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(265,21)=+3.0558; A(265,115)=-0.4; b(265)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(266,56)=+3.0558; A(266,115)=-0.4; b(266)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(267,18)=+2.6079; A(267,116)=-0.4; b(267)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(268,20)=+2.2440; A(268,116)=-0.4; b(268)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(269,15)=+2.5469; A(269,117)=-0.4; b(269)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(270,20)=+2.2440; A(270,117)=-0.4; b(270)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(271,46)=+3.0223; A(271,118)=-0.4; b(271)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(272,15)=+2.5469; A(272,119)=-0.4; b(272)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(273,18)=+2.6079; A(273,119)=-0.4; b(273)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(274,67)=+4.6938; A(274,120)=-0.4; b(274)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(275,24)=+2.0532; A(275,121)=-0.4; b(275)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(276,26)=+2.0532; A(276,121)=-0.4; b(276)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(277,28)=+1.9757; A(277,121)=-0.4; b(277)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(278,29)=+1.9306; A(278,121)=-0.4; b(278)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(279,16)=+2.4238; A(279,122)=-0.4; b(279)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(280,56)=2.2710; A(280,122)=-0.4; b(280)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(281,22)=+1.9621; A(281,123)=-0.4; b(281)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(282,26)=+2.0532; A(282,123)=-0.4; b(282)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(283,28)=+1.9757; A(283,123)=-0.4; b(283)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(284,29)=+1.9306; A(284,123)=-0.4; b(284)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(285,25)=+1.9703; A(285,124)=-0.4; b(285)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(286,47)=+1.9565; A(286,124)=-0.4; b(286)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(287,49)=+1.9565; A(287,124)=-0.4; b(287)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(288,22)=+1.9621; A(288,125)=-0.4; b(288)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(289,24)=+2.0532; A(289,125)=-0.4; b(289)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(290,28)=+1.9757; A(290,125)=-0.4; b(290)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(291,29)=+1.9306; A(291,125)=-0.4; b(291)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(292,23)=+1.9703; A(292,126)=-0.4; b(292)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(293,47)=+1.9565; A(293,126)=-0.4; b(293)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(294,49)=+1.9565; A(294,126)=-0.4; b(294)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(295,22)=+1.9621; A(295,127)=-0.4; b(295)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(296,24)=+2.0532; A(296,127)=-0.4; b(296)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(297,26)=+2.0532; A(297,127)=-0.4; b(297)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(298,29)=+1.9306; A(298,127)=-0.4; b(298)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(299,69)=+2.1568; A(299,128)=-0.4; b(299)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(300,71)=+2.1366; A(300,128)=-0.4; b(300)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(301,73)=+2.1366; A(301,128)=-0.4; b(301)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(302,78)=+2.3528; A(302,129)=-0.4; b(302)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(303,80)=+2.3485; A(303,129)=-0.4; b(303)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(304,82)=+2.3086; A(304,129)=-0.4; b(304)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(305,84)=+2.3593; A(305,129)=-0.4; b(305)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(306,22)=+1.9621; A(306,130)=-0.4; b(306)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(307,24)=+2.0532; A(307,130)=-0.4; b(307)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(308,26)=+2.0532; A(308,130)=-0.4; b(308)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(309,28)=+1.9757; A(309,130)=-0.4; b(309)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(310,34)=+2.0626; A(310,131)=-0.4; b(310)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(311,35)=+2.0508; A(311,131)=-0.4; b(311)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(312,37)=+2.0508; A(312,131)=-0.4; b(312)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(313,39)=+1.9509; A(313,131)=-0.4; b(313)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(314,41)=+1.9509; A(314,131)=-0.4; b(314)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(315,33)=+2.1379; A(315,132)=-0.4; b(315)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(316,44)=+2.0502; A(316,132)=-0.4; b(316)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(317,45)=+2.1055; A(317,132)=-0.4; b(317)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(318,32)=+2.0626; A(318,133)=-0.4; b(318)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(319,35)=+2.0508; A(319,133)=-0.4; b(319)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(320,37)=+2.0508; A(320,133)=-0.4; b(320)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(321,39)=+1.9509; A(321,133)=-0.4; b(321)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(322,41)=+1.9509; A(322,133)=-0.4; b(322)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(323,31)=+2.1379; A(323,134)=-0.4; b(323)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(324,44)=+2.0502; A(324,134)=-0.4; b(324)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(325,45)=+2.1055; A(325,134)=-0.4; b(325)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(326,38)=+1.9682; A(326,135)=-0.4; b(326)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(327,48)=+2.0049; A(327,135)=-0.4; b(327)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(328,50)=+2.0049; A(328,135)=-0.4; b(328)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(329,52)=+1.9232; A(329,135)=-0.4; b(329)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(330,54)=+1.9179; A(330,135)=-0.4; b(330)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(331,32)=+2.0626; A(331,136)=-0.4; b(331)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(332,34)=+2.0626; A(332,136)=-0.4; b(332)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(333,37)=+2.0508; A(333,136)=-0.4; b(333)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(334,39)=+1.9509; A(334,136)=-0.4; b(334)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(335,41)=+1.9509; A(335,136)=-0.4; b(335)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(336,36)=+1.9682; A(336,137)=-0.4; b(336)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(337,48)=+2.0049; A(337,137)=-0.4; b(337)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(338,50)=+2.0049; A(338,137)=-0.4; b(338)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(339,52)=+1.9232; A(339,137)=-0.4; b(339)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(340,54)=+1.9179; A(340,137)=-0.4; b(340)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(341,32)=+2.0626; A(341,138)=-0.4; b(341)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(342,34)=+2.0626; A(342,138)=-0.4; b(342)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(343,37)=+2.0508; A(343,138)=-0.4; b(343)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(344,39)=+1.9509; A(344,138)=-0.4; b(344)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(345,41)=+1.9509; A(345,138)=-0.4; b(345)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(346,14)=+2.3903; A(346,139)=-0.4; b(346)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(347,42)=+2.7096; A(347,139)=-0.4; b(347)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(348,58)=+2.3979; A(348,139)=-0.4; b(348)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(349,32)=+2.0626; A(349,140)=-0.4; b(349)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(350,34)=+2.0626; A(350,140)=-0.4; b(350)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(351,35)=+2.0508; A(351,140)=-0.4; b(351)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(352,37)=+2.0508; A(352,140)=-0.4; b(352)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(353,41)=+1.9509; A(353,140)=-0.4; b(353)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(354,14)=+2.3903; A(354,141)=-0.4; b(354)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(355,40)=+2.7096; A(355,141)=-0.4; b(355)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(356,58)=+2.3979; A(356,141)=-0.4; b(356)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(357,32)=+2.0626; A(357,142)=-0.4; b(357)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(358,34)=+2.0626; A(358,142)=-0.4; b(358)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(359,35)=+2.0508; A(359,142)=-0.4; b(359)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(360,37)=+2.0508; A(360,142)=-0.4; b(360)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(361,39)=+1.9509; A(361,142)=-0.4; b(361)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(362,31)=+2.1379; A(362,143)=-0.4; b(362)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(363,33)=+2.1379; A(363,143)=-0.4; b(363)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(364,45)=+2.1055; A(364,143)=-0.4; b(364)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(365,17)=+2.5191; A(365,145)=-0.4; b(365)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(366,31)=+2.1379; A(366,146)=-0.4; b(366)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(367,33)=+2.1379; A(367,146)=-0.4; b(367)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(368,44)=+2.0502; A(368,146)=-0.4; b(368)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(369,36)=+1.9682; A(369,147)=-0.4; b(369)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(370,38)=+1.9682; A(370,147)=-0.4; b(370)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(371,50)=+2.0049; A(371,147)=-0.4; b(371)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(372,52)=+1.9232; A(372,147)=-0.4; b(372)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(373,54)=+1.9179; A(373,147)=-0.4; b(373)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(374,23)=+1.9703; A(374,148)=-0.4; b(374)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(375,25)=+1.9703; A(375,148)=-0.4; b(375)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(376,49)=+1.9565; A(376,148)=-0.4; b(376)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(377,36)=+1.9682; A(377,149)=-0.4; b(377)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(377,38)=+1.9682; A(378,149)=-0.4; b(378)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(378,48)=+2.0049; A(379,149)=-0.4; b(379)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(380,52)=+1.9232; A(380,149)=-0.4; b(380)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(381,54)=+1.9179; A(381,149)=-0.4; b(381)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(382,23)=+1.9703; A(382,150)=-0.4; b(382)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(383,25)=+1.9703; A(383,150)=-0.4; b(383)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(384,47)=+1.9565; A(384,150)=-0.4; b(384)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(385,36)=+2.0532; A(385,151)=-0.4; b(385)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(386,38)=+1.9682; A(386,151)=-0.4; b(386)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(387,48)=+2.0049; A(387,151)=-0.4; b(387)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(388,50)=+2.0049; A(388,151)=-0.4; b(388)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(389,54)=+1.9179; A(389,151)=-0.4; b(389)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(390,53)=+2.1262; A(390,152)=-0.4; b(390)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(391,59)=+2.0913; A(391,152)=-0.4; b(391)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(392,61)=+2.0968; A(392,152)=-0.4; b(392)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(393,36)=+2.0532; A(393,153)=-0.4; b(393)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(394,38)=+1.9682; A(394,153)=-0.4; b(394)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(395,48)=+2.0049; A(395,153)=-0.4; b(395)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(396,50)=+2.0049; A(396,153)=-0.4; b(396)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(397,52)=+1.9232; A(397,153)=-0.4; b(397)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(398,51)=+2.1366; A(398,154)=-0.4; b(398)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(399,59)=+2.0913; A(399,154)=-0.4; b(399)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(400,61)=+2.0968; A(400,154)=-0.4; b(400)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(401,16)=+2.4238; A(401,155)=-0.4; b(401)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(402,21)=+2.4373; A(402,155)=-0.4; b(402)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(403,70)=+4.0198; A(403,156)=-0.4; b(403)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(404,14)=+2.3903; A(404,157)=-0.4; b(404)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(405,40)=+2.7096; A(405,157)=-0.4; b(405)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(406,42)=+2.7096; A(406,157)=-0.4; b(406)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(407,62)=+2.7242; A(407,159)=-0.4; b(407)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(408,64)=+2.5701; A(408,159)=-0.4; b(408)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(409,66)=+2.5363; A(409,159)=-0.4; b(409)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(410,51)=+2.1366; A(410,160)=-0.4; b(410)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(411,53)=+2.1262; A(411,160)=-0.4; b(411)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(412,61)=+2.0968; A(412,160)=-0.4; b(412)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(413,60)=+2.6913; A(413,161)=-0.4; b(413)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(414,64)=+2.5701; A(414,161)=-0.4; b(414)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(415,66)=+2.5363; A(415,161)=-0.4; b(415)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(416,51)=+2.1366; A(416,162)=-0.4; b(416)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(417,53)=+2.1262; A(417,162)=-0.4; b(417)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(418,59)=+2.0913; A(418,162)=-0.4; b(418)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(419,60)=+2.6913; A(419,163)=-0.4; b(419)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(420,62)=+2.7242; A(420,163)=-0.4; b(420)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(421,66)=+2.5363; A(421,163)=-0.4; b(421)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(422,83)=+2.5137; A(422,164)=-0.4; b(422)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(423,85)=+2.5020; A(423,164)=-0.4; b(423)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(424,60)=+2.6913; A(424,165)=-0.4; b(424)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(425,62)=+2.7242; A(425,165)=-0.4; b(425)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(426,64)=+2.5701; A(426,165)=-0.4; b(426)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(427,87)=+3.9031; A(427,166)=-0.4; b(427)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(428,19)=+9.4415; A(428,168)=-0.4; b(428)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(429,55)=+2.2441; A(429,169)=-0.4; b(429)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(430,27)=+2.2324; A(430,170)=-0.4; b(430)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(431,71)=+2.1366; A(431,170)=-0.4; b(431)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(432,73)=+2.1366; A(432,170)=-0.4; b(432)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(433,74)=+2.3284; A(433,171)=-0.4; b(433)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(434,76)=+2.2839; A(434,171)=-0.4; b(434)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(435,77)=+2.1980; A(435,171)=-0.4; b(435)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(436,27)=+2.2324; A(436,172)=-0.4; b(436)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(437,69)=+2.1568; A(437,172)=-0.4; b(437)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(438,73)=+2.1366; A(438,172)=-0.4; b(438)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(439,72)=+2.3284; A(439,173)=-0.4; b(439)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(440,76)=+2.2839; A(440,173)=-0.4; b(440)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(441,77)=+2.1980; A(441,173)=-0.4; b(441)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(442,27)=+2.2324; A(442,174)=-0.4; b(442)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(443,69)=+2.1568; A(443,174)=-0.4; b(443)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(444,71)=+2.1366; A(444,174)=-0.4; b(444)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(445,72)=+2.3284; A(445,175)=-0.4; b(445)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(446,74)=+2.3284; A(446,175)=-0.4; b(446)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(447,77)=+2.1980; A(447,175)=-0.4; b(447)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(448,79)=+2.6189; A(448,176)=-0.4; b(448)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(449,30)=+2.3931; A(449,177)=-0.4; b(449)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(450,80)=+2.3485; A(450,177)=-0.4; b(450)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(451,82)=+2.3086; A(451,177)=-0.4; b(451)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(452,84)=+2.3593; A(452,177)=-0.4; b(452)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(453,72)=+2.3284; A(453,178)=-0.4; b(453)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(454,74)=+2.3284; A(454,178)=-0.4; b(454)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(455,76)=+2.2839; A(455,178)=-0.4; b(455)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(456,78)=+2.3528; A(456,179)=-0.4; b(456)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(457,82)=+2.3086; A(457,179)=-0.4; b(457)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(458,84)=+2.3593; A(458,179)=-0.4; b(458)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(459,75)=+3.1522; A(459,180)=-0.4; b(459)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(460,30)=+2.3931; A(460,181)=-0.4; b(460)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(461,78)=+2.3528; A(461,181)=-0.4; b(461)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(462,80)=+2.3485; A(462,181)=-0.4; b(462)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(463,84)=+2.3593; A(463,181)=-0.4; b(463)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(464,30)=+2.3931; A(464,183)=-0.4; b(464)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(465,78)=+2.3528; A(465,183)=-0.4; b(465)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(466,80)=+2.3485; A(466,183)=-0.4; b(466)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(467,82)=+2.3086; A(467,183)=-0.4; b(467)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(468,63)=+2.4921; A(468,184)=-0.4; b(468)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(469,85)=+2.5020; A(469,184)=-0.4; b(469)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(470,90)=+2.3587; A(470,185)=-0.4; b(470)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(471,95)=+2.5340; A(471,185)=-0.4; b(471)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(472,63)=+2.4921; A(472,186)=-0.4; b(472)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(473,83)=+2.5137; A(473,186)=-0.4; b(473)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(474,92)=+4.3354; A(474,187)=-0.4; b(474)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(475,65)=+3.4983; A(475,188)=-0.4; b(475)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(476,86)=+2.3824; A(476,189)=-0.4; b(476)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(477,95)=+2.5340; A(477,189)=-0.4; b(477)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(478,88)=+3.5837; A(478,191)=-0.4; b(478)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(479,93)=+3.4461; A(479,192)=-0.4; b(479)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(480,96)=+2.4394; A(480,193)=-0.4; b(480)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(481,97)=+2.4386; A(481,193)=-0.4; b(481)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(482,91)=+2.9206; A(482,194)=-0.4; b(482)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(483,94)=+2.4113; A(483,195)=-0.4; b(483)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(484,97)=+2.4386; A(484,195)=-0.4; b(484)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(485,86)=+2.3824; A(485,196)=-0.4; b(485)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(486,90)=+2.3587; A(486,196)=-0.4; b(486)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(487,100)=+2.7392;A(487,197)=-0.4; b(487)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(488,94)=+2.4113; A(488,198)=-0.4; b(488)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(489,96)=+2.4394; A(489,198)=-0.4; b(489)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(490,98)=+3.7901; A(490,199)=-0.4; b(490)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
A(491,30)=+2.3931; A(491,179)=-0.4; b(491)=-0.2; %tweleventh row
rng default % For reproducibility
options = optimoptions(@linprog,'Algorithm','interior-point-legacy','Display','iter');
[x,fval,exitflag,output] = linprog(f,A,b,Aeq,beq,LB,UB,options)
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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2019년 3월 19일
편집: John D'Errico 2019년 3월 19일

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John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2019년 3월 19일
편집: John D'Errico 2019년 3월 19일
THERE IS NO SOLUTION, BECAUSE THE PROBLEM HAS NO SOLUTION. Changing the solver will not make it now a viable problem. This was explained to you in some detail in your last attempt.
ans =
>> size(A)
ans =
491 200
NoAind = find(sum(abs(A),1) == 0)
NoAind =
68 103 144 158 167 182 190 200
>> f(NoAind)
ans =
0 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
>> LB(NoAind)
Index exceeds the number of array elements (100).
>> UB(NoAind)
Index exceeds the number of array elements (100).
What did the above set of operations tell me?
You have a simple linear programming problem. There are linear ineqiuality constraints the solution, as well as lower and upper bound constraints.
However, of the 200 unknowns in the problem, it seems you have supplied bounds only for the first 100 of them.
whos LB UB
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
LB 1x100 800 double
UB 1x100 800 double
So it looks like you just copied much of your code from your first attempt to solve what is essentially the same nearly identical problem. Perhaps you should learn to change ALL of the dimensions when you copy code. But will that help you? No.
There are 8 unknowns that have NO inequality constraints applied to them. 7 of those 8 variables have no lower and upper bounds on them, so they can take on any value at all. Since their weight, thus f(NoAind) is all 0.4, they can take the value of -inf to minimize the result.
But, suppose that you fixed the bounds?
LOOK AT VARIABLE 68. While variable 68 has bounds applied to it, it has a weight of ZERO in your objective. You can make variable 68 take on ANY number you want it to take, as long as the number lies within the bounds applied to it.
ans =
>> UB(68)
ans =
Note that only variable 68 has no weight at all on it.
find(f == 0)
ans =
ans =
1 200
Are there other problem in your code? I may have just touched the surface here, although I do not know. I applied several obvious tests to your problem, and found multiple flaws in it. There are posibly other flaws burried more deeply in what you have done, but until you fix the obvious, I cannot know. But do not repost this same question again.
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tahseen alshmary
tahseen alshmary 2019년 3월 19일
thanks john
i solved the problem with this setting
Aeq=zeros(8,200); beq=zeros(8,1);
Aeq(1,68)=1; beq(1)=(0.05);
Aeq(2,103)=1; beq(2)=(1);
Aeq(3,144)=1; beq(3)=(1);
Aeq(4,158)=1; beq(4)=(1);
Aeq(5,167)=1; beq(5)=(1);
Aeq(6,182)=1; beq(6)=(1);
Aeq(7,190)=1; beq(7)=(1);
Aeq(8,200)=1; beq(8)=(1);
John D'Errico
John D'Errico 2019년 3월 21일
That would work, though I do wish you would learn other tools to create arrays. Assigning one element to an array per line will only lead to horrible bugs for you in the future.
For example, could you not have written
beq = [.05;ones(7,1)];
As far as creating Aeq, surely there are tools that would have helped there too?
help sparse
help accumarray
help sub2ind

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