summing element is a cell

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Esegboria Osarhemen
Esegboria Osarhemen 2019년 3월 5일
댓글: Jos (10584) 2019년 3월 8일
I have a 1x50 cell 'c', where each element in the cell is a nxn matrix, how can I sum all 50 matrices (c{1}+c{2}+c{3}+.....c{50}) without a loop?
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Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) 2019년 3월 8일
"without a loop". Why?
Loops are efficient and easy and sometime the best option :-)

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Stephen23 2019년 3월 5일
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Stephen23 2019년 3월 6일
  1. convert the sparse matrices to full matrices and use the answer I gave you, or
  2. mess around with cat and reshape and permute and sum, or
  3. use a loop.

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