what is the best way to perform multiple calculation in simulink project ?

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omar khater
omar khater 2019년 2월 28일
답변: Sabin 2023년 3월 7일
I am a beginner in simulink. I have very simple circuit that I want to simulate like this
I wish to enter multiple values for current source and measure the voltage across the 1kOhm resistor
what is the best way to do that ? is there a way to create this circuit in matlab script and store my wanted variables or can I do it using simulink itself ?
I hope this question is not repeated since I am trying to figure out suitable name for the function I want to know to search before asking but I didn't get it.

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Sabin 2023년 3월 7일
To easily change the value of the current source you can use a Controlled Current Source instead. To measure the voltage you can use a Voltage Sensor, a Probe block, or Simulation Data Logging.


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