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Need to Rotate Set of 3D Data

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Craig 25 Feb 2019
댓글: Craig 28 Feb 2019
I have attached a pdf file with significantly more details, graphs, and explanations. I would like to rotate a 3D set of data about a specific axis (not one of the primary axes). I have never done this before but know this can be done.
The trick is I want to warp the data as I rotate it (NOT a simple affine transformation). I was hoping there was some clever method, perhaps using some type of a custom transform, or perhaps geometricTransform3d.
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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Munish Raj
Munish Raj 28 Feb 2019
Hello Criag,
One way to rotate this 3D will be to rotate it thrice around three shifted axes which converge on your point.
The code to rotate 3D data around a particular shifted axes can be found here.

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Craig 28 Feb 2019
Hello Munish,
Thank you for the reply. I have investigated Matt's 3D Rotation about Shifted Axis, but I don't think it includes warping, which I need as the desired rotation is nonlinear.
I am now looking into Matlab's recent (2018b) addtion of pcregistercpd, but I believe I'll need more control points. I'll post how this works out, if it does.
Again, thanks for the reply.

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