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How can I write iterated data from a for-loop into excel file

Dursman Mchabe 님이 질문을 제출함. 14 Feb 2019
Hi everyone,
On the attached file I am trying to write iterated data into an excel file. The 'witing' works well for the first 7 variable, however when I include other variables, I get an error message:
Not enough input arguments.
Error in SlurryCaseODE45Feb20 (line 206)
Species = [Species; t CSO2_bulkslurry CHSO3 CSO3 CCO2_bulkslurry CHCO3 CCO3];
Please help.

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Dursman - can you post more of the error message? The error is suggesting that you are trying to call a function with too few inputs but the line of code that you have posted above suggests that you are just trying to concatenate some arrays together. Please clarify.
Thanks for the comment Geoff. The error message I posted is the complete error message. When you run the attached code you will the exact error message.

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