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Nested Loop Plots. help!

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fadams18 11 Feb 2019
댓글: Preethi 11 Feb 2019
Hello Matlabers,
I have 4 variables. I want to make a plot of meanERROR vs rank
TestNum= 5;
My code is as follows. Initially I was making a surf over 3 dimensions SNR, MV and TestNum. So for every iteration of rank, i make surf plots over the aforementioned dimension.
for kk=1:length(rank)
for l=1:length(SNR)
for k=1:length(MV)
for i=1:5
load( ['theoRRE/theo_NMF_','.mat']); % Load my ERROR data, and pick the last values and store in rRE_NMF
rRE_NMF(l,k,i)= theo_NMF1(end);
Mean_RRE_NMF = mean(rRE_NMF,3);
surf(MV_raw,SNRR,Median_RRE_NMF,'FaceColor',[1 0 0],'FaceAlpha',0.5)
Now i want to I want to see the evolution of my ERROR for Every SNR and every MV in a normal plot (not a surf) of ERROR vs rank. How do i deal with these loops.
so for example
SNR=15, MV=0.1 pot(error vs rank)
SNR=15, MV=0.1 plot(error vs rank)
SNR=15, MV=0.99 plot(error vs rank)
%SNR iter increases
SNR=30 MV=0.1 pot(error vs rank)
SNR=30, MV=0.1 plot(error vs rank)
SNR=30, MV=0.99 plot(error vs rank)
%SNR iter increases
SNR=50 MV=0.1 pot(error vs rank)
SNR=50, MV=0.1 plot(error vs rank)
SNR=50, MV=0.99 plot(error vs rank)
so for 1 iteration of SNR i have 11 plots since MV is size 1x11. in the end i want to have a 3x11=33 plots

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Preethi 11 Feb 2019
if you want in different figures you cane use figure(i), chnage value of i in loop whenever you want a new graph.
or else you can have a combination of subplots() based on your groupimg

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