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linprog and intlinprog solver results- Variation

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Kallam Haranadha Reddy
댓글: Alan Weiss 23 Jan 2019
I solved a large scale supply chain problem using MATLAB R 2015b. The number of variables are around 2000. I used two solvers 'linprog' and 'intlinprog' for comparing the two solver's results. I used the same data and same mathematical formulation for the two solvers.I got the result (cost) using linprog solver as 8.9643E4 and the cost using intlinprog as 0 (zero).I also modelled the same model in GAMS also. I used CPLEX and LINDO solvers. I got the results for GAMS using CPLEX and LINDO solvers as 1.334834E8 and 1.365910E8 respectively. I want to know why is intlirog solver produced so small cost (0) zero.

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss 23 Jan 2019
How do you expect us to answer your question when you have given us no information? At the very least, we need to see your function calls including options, and ALL solver outputs, including the exit flag and output structure.
I strongly suspect that either the solver failed, or that your problem formulation differs between the various attempts.
Alan Weiss
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