LOCAL LICENSE residency and format

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Jan Pretorius
Jan Pretorius 2019년 1월 22일
답변: Andreas Goser 2019년 1월 22일
Please inform us once and for all, about the rediculous license schemers you are supporting.
How can a LOCAL LICENSE option first of all, be offered and sold to an academic institution ??
We are stuck with this now and have to at least elevate the compute power to a single node (v3-i7) on an old Cluster system.
Can this be done acquiring a license.dat file (at no cost) to support a single-user/single-node access.
If we have two (2) LOCAL LICENSEs can we install both on this old cluster node to be used by two
users (at the same time) but at installation, then not adhering to the default license file location
on this SINGLE NODE ??
Thus install two separate MATLAB images (LINUX) at two different locations.
What should the license file extension be for a LOCAL LICENSED installation on Windows-7 ?
Jan Pretorius

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2019년 1월 22일
I suspect by LOCAL LICENSE that you mean Designated Computer License.
Those licenses are designed for two situations:
  1. control systems for hardware systems, such as the control console for an MRI
  2. student computer laboratories where anyone sitting at the computer itself is authorized to use MATLAB on that machine.
An academic institution might have reasons to purchase for either of the two situations.
Designated Computer licenses are intended to be used by someone who is physically sitting at the computer console, and are not intended for use with ssh or as an X server. They can be used with console remote control software such as Microsoft Remote Desktop, or Skype.

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser 2019년 1월 22일
Hello Jan, my name is Andreas and I am a MathWorks employee who wants to help. Please note MATLAB Answers is in general a technical "user help users" forum and most of the helpers here do not have information about non-technical topics like licenses and business models. In addtion, you are located in a country without a direct MathWorks office, so even I do not have access to all the information needed.
Let me send you an email in the next 15 minutes and CC somebody from your local distributor and we will address your questions.


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