How to replace all the values of a variable in a dataset following a condition

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Renzo Lanfranco
Renzo Lanfranco 2019년 1월 12일
댓글: Renzo Lanfranco 2019년 1월 13일
Hi all. I have a dataset 'data' (16 x 70 fields), which is a structure. Each field has 14 vectors, 1 with strings (1 value) and the rest with integers (1 value per field). I want to replace all the values of one of those vectors for each field (let's call it VECTOR) for the whole data set following the criteria: if it's 0, replace it with 1, if it's 1, replace it with 0. I've tried this:
data(data.VECTOR == 1) = 0;
data(data.VECTOR == 0) = 1;
But it doesn't work. Any ideas?
By the way, there are only three possible values: -1, 0, 1. I want to replace the 0 with 1, and the 1 with 0, while leaving the -1 unchanged.
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Renzo Lanfranco
Renzo Lanfranco 2019년 1월 13일
Thanks so much, Walter. This solution worked perfectly:
mask0 = data(idx).sideReport == 0;
mask1 = data(idx).sideReport == 1;
data(idx).sideReport(mask0) = 1;
data(idx).sideReport(mask1) = 0;

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