Add or remove a row of four horizontal Edit Field (Numeric) boxes in appdesigner on button push?

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I created a UI in appdesigner where the user can enter in waypoints (see attached screenshot). I have four Edit Field (Numeric) boxes where the user enters in the relevant information. I also have to buttons that remove or add waypoints (rows) when the button is pressed. However, I am not sure how to link up the respective buttons to add or remove a row of the numeric boxes.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2018년 11월 16일
Edit boxes are single lined and single lined edit controls cannot have multi-lined text. So you can't add a row to an edit box. Instead, you could add another row of edit boxes. Or you could replace the edit boxes with tables and then control the number of rows in the table. The table method is probably cleanest and most efficient. Your table could have 4 columns with headers [latitude, longitude, altitiude, airspeed], and you could add and subtract rows as needed.
Here's some background info to tables in app designer
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz 2018년 11월 19일
That's a good choice. That way all of your data will be in one place and you just need to access the right column and row. It will also be easy to add/subtract rows as needed.

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