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Logarithmic color scale in 2d histogram

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sam ira
sam ira 2018년 10월 8일
댓글: ANKUR KUMAR 2018년 10월 8일
I am looking for a way to change the colorbar of a 2d histogram plotted with DisplayStyle = 'tile' to a logarithmic scale so that one can better distinguish the frequencies. Unfortunally histogram2 has no property 'ColorScale'. Thanks in advance!


ANKUR KUMAR 2018년 10월 8일
Use ruler.scale to set log axis in colorbar.
cx= colorbar();
cx.Ruler.Scale = 'log';
cx.Ruler.MinorTick = 'on';
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ANKUR KUMAR 2018년 10월 8일
Please attach you code along with the .mat file containing required variables.

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