Image Processing Superimpose Object onto Corrected Image

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shiffraw dagnechaw
shiffraw dagnechaw 2018년 8월 21일
답변: Astha Singh 2018년 8월 31일
I have two images of a skin lesion taken at different wavelengths ( 640nm and 440nm). The first image has the surgeon's markings. I created a function that integrates the two images (using a formula that my lab instructor gave me), but when I do that the surgeon's markings disappear on the corrected image. Is there anyway I can superimpose the surgeon's markings onto the corrected image? I was thinking along the lines of doing some sort of edge detection and putting that on to the corrected image. Any suggestions will help.
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Yuvaraj Venkataswamy
Yuvaraj Venkataswamy 2018년 8월 22일
For this, you can use image fusion techniques, Example. DWT based image fusion.

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Astha Singh
Astha Singh 2018년 8월 31일
I understand that you want to superimpose an object from one image to another.
If the sizes of your two images are equal, then you can refer to the following MATLAB answer by another user Image Analyst, who uses the Color Thresholder app which lets you create a segmentation mask for a color image.
Also, if you can elaborate more on how exactly you are 'integrating' your images and the type of images you are using, probably I will be able to help you better.

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