Is it possible to iteratively increase a number within the middle of a file name?

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I have files which are named such that the identifying information is repeated in several places within the filename, and I want to automatically edit the filename each time to code loops through. The specific code I want to change is
Right1 = xlsread('C:\Documents\mouse 5\ 5 Comp1_right_Statistics\ 5 Comp1_right_Cell_Number_Of_Vesicles_VesicleType=Vesicles.csv','A:A');
Right1 = xlsread('C:\Documents\mouse 6\ 6 Comp1_right_Statistics\ 6 Comp1_right_Cell_Number_Of_Vesicles_VesicleType=Vesicles.csv','A:A');
automatically such that the next time, all the bolded 5s are 6, then 7, etc. Is there a filler variable or something I can put into the middle of a filename so I can increase the value of that variable and it will automatically insert the new number into it in multiple places (none of which are at the end of the name, unfortunately)?

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James Tursa
James Tursa 2018년 8월 9일
편집: James Tursa 2018년 8월 9일
E.g., using sprintf
n = some integer
Sample run:
>> n = 5;
>> sprintf('Myfilename%dwith%dand%dstuff',n,n,n)
ans =
Put appropriate variation of that into your xlsread. If you will be running into integers more than one digit, you might want to specify a fixed number of digits to use for you string. E.g., instead of %d use %02d or %03d etc. That way the names will arrange nicely in directory lists.

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