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the operations in genetic operators

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Johan Johan
Johan Johan 10 Jul 2018
댓글: Johan Johan 11 Jul 2018
when applicat the genetic algorithm in matlab there is two type of crossover
the first type is
and the second is
y'= alpha(x2 - x1) + x2
Tow types is using in real genetic algorithm ,what is the difference between them? When we use the first method and when we use the second?
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Johan Johan
Johan Johan 11 Jul 2018
I find the answer in this book 'Handbook of Research on Nature-Inspired Computing for Economics and Management' , the first method is The arithmetic crossover creates two complimentary linear combinations of x1 and x2. The second method is Heuristic crossover produces a linear extrapolation of the parents by using the fitness values of the two parent chromosomes to determine the direction of the search.

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