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Finding files WITHOUT a specfic prefix (or suffix, extension, etc.) using dir

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D. Plotnick
D. Plotnick 3 Jul 2018
답변: Guillaume 3 Jul 2018
Hello all, I have a question partly inspired by the question here, which asks how to find a file with a known prefix. Now, what if I want to suppress a specific prefix, but not use more complicated strfind (although I could use startsWith) operation using the 'dir' command. The obvious example is avoiding all files starting with a period: '.example.txt'.
Is there a simple way to suppress certain prefixes using 'dir'? How about suppressing suffixes or extensions (rather than exhaustively looking for the extensions you do want)?

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Guillaume 3 Jul 2018
No, the filtering capabilities offered by dir are fairly limited. If you want to exclude some pattern, you'll have to get the whole list then use string search functions such as startsWith you've mentioned or regexp. It's only one more line of code so shouldn't be any issue.
e.g. to remove all files starting with .
filelist = dir;
filelist = filelist(~startsWith({}, '.''));

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