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Kallam Haranadha Reddy
댓글: Alan Weiss 18 Jun 2018
I solved two supply chain cost minimization problems by modelling in GAMS ( General Algebraic Modeling System) and MATLAB R2015a.I used the same data for both the GAMS and MATLAB environments. I got different optimum values for GAMS and MATLAB environments. I cross checked the two problems optimum results obtained through GAMS and MATLAB by substituting in the constraints. Both are satisfying the constraints. For the GAMS I used the CPLEX solver and for MATLAB I used intlinprog solver.
I got the following optimum results
Problem 1 16,51,79,750 11,72,39,625
Problem 2 13,25,19,250 10,91,36,625
I am in dilemma which results are correct. I also want to know why this huge difference in cost has occurred.

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Alan Weiss
Alan Weiss 18 Jun 2018
What do you expect us to say that would be helpful here? We have no clue what you did, what the solvers reported as their exit flags, etc. So how can we give informed suggestions?
Alan Weiss
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