Why isn't my loop working?

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Madison Goodwin
Madison Goodwin 2018년 5월 18일
댓글: VBBV 2021년 10월 25일
fid = uigetfile('*.*');
fid = fopen(fid);
deltat = 0.5;
n = 1;
while fgetl(fid)~= -1
line = fgetl(fid);
line = sscanf(line, '%f V, %i counts, %i ms');
vout = line(1);
counts = line(2);
t = line(3)/1000;
t(n+1) = t(n) + deltat;
% Q = flowrate (L/s)
% h = head(m)
% P = pressure
% p = density of water
p = 1000; %kg/m^3);
g = 9.81;
vs = 5;
% vout - get from data
% h - get from data
% Q - calculated from data
P = ((vout/vs) - 0.04)/0.0018;
% Finding head
h = (P/1000)/(p*g);
Q = counts/((t(n)/1000)*330);
% Finding hydraulic power
H =(Q*p*g*h)/1000;
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Madison Goodwin
Madison Goodwin 2018년 5월 18일
So if I have these two lines as my code will it update the timestep, the value of line(3) is 500ms. After dividing by 1000 it is 0.5, and deltat is 0.5
t = line(3)/1000;
t = t + deltat;

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Greg 2018년 5월 18일
편집: Greg 2018년 5월 18일
Purely a guess, you goofed up some indexing:
t = line(3)/1000; % <-- Recreates a new "t" as a scalar every loop iteration
t(n+1) = t(n) + deltat; % <-- Therefore, t(n) does not exist, or is 0
Also, I don't see you incrementing n anywhere.

VBBV 2021년 10월 25일
Change the line below
while fgetl(fid)~= -1
while fid~=-1
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VBBV 2021년 10월 25일
Also dont forget to do fclose(fid) after the loop ends

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