How to create a loop for going through lines??

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Madison Goodwin
Madison Goodwin 2018년 5월 17일
답변: Geoff Hayes 2018년 5월 17일
fileID = uigetfile();
data = fopen(fileID);
line = fgetl(data);
line = sscanf(line, '%f V, %i counts, %i ms');
vout = line(1);
counts = line(2);
t = line(3);
My original data is composed of three columns: voltage, counts and time It has 20 rows, I want to cycle through each row so I can graph the change of say voltage and time. I am using a GUI interface. How do I write a loop to be able to do this, or is there a way I can covert the line into an array that is composed of the data


Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes 2018년 5월 17일
Madison - see importdata and in particular the example import a text file which you might be able to use to read in your three columns of data (from the file chosen by the user).


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