MAT-file size is changing a little when downloading files from SFTP-server to the computer

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I downloaded some large mat. files from a SFTP-server to my home computer through Filezilla. The filesize of the files I downloaded to my computer was a little smaller than the filesize in the SFTP-server, but not that much difference F.eks was the filesize in the SFTP-server 1223022kb while after downloaded it was 1194358kb. When I loaded the files into matlab, it looks like the workspace contains all the arrays with the right number of rows and columns, so I expect that the file contains all the data. But I still wonder why the filesize is a little different. Someone have a good answer?

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Jan 2018년 5월 12일
편집: Jan 2018년 5월 12일
a = 1223022
b = 1194358
a / b
>> 1.0240
This looks like the typical problem of defining "kB" by 1000 or 1024 Bytes. Unfortunately many programmers confuse "kB" with "KiB". For your case it means, that the file did not loose any byte during the transfer, but that the display of the file size used a sloppy name for the unit.

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