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Export report to PDF in matlab GUIDE

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JB 11 May 2018
Edited: JB 11 May 2018
I have created a GUI where I want the final step to be a pushbutton which generates a report from a table array (CompleteCellArray). I am using this code to generate the report:
function [RptgenML_CReport1] = buildTEST
% Auto-generated by MATLAB on 11-May-2018 17:56:48
% Create RptgenML.CReport
RptgenML_CReport1 = RptgenML.CReport('Format','pdf-fop',...
% setedit(RptgenML_CReport1);
% Create rptgen.cfr_table
rptgen_cfr_table1 = rptgen.cfr_table('Source','CompleteCellArray');
but when I run the code the pdf file is not generated, but the 1x1 CReport is generated. When I run the code from Report Generator it works perfectly. What am I doing wrong?

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