convert two column matrices into one column matrix

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simith 2018년 3월 25일
댓글: simith 2018년 3월 25일
Hello I want to combine two column vector matrices into one column vector matrix like the example
C must be like:
I need a general answer because I have many and large columns. Thank you

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018년 3월 25일
nA = length(A);
nB = length(B);
C = zeros(nA + nB, 1);
nCommon = min(nA, nB);
C(1:2:nCommon*2-1) = A(1:nCommon);
C(2:2:nCommon*2) = B(1:nCommon);
if nA < nB
C(nCommon*2+1:end) = B(nCommon+1:end);
elseif nA > nB
C(nCommon*2+1:end) = A(nCommon+1:end);
%if the lengths were the same then everything was copied by the common processing
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simith 2018년 3월 25일
thank you very worked proprely

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford 2018년 3월 25일
In the example you gave do this:
C = zeros(9,1);
C(1:2:end) = A;
C(2:2:end) = B;
For a general answer you need to define the generality you are seeking. Give us more information. For example, if the numbers in two vectors differs by more than one element, what do you wish as a result?
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simith 2018년 3월 25일
thank you..your answer worked

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