Interpolation gives NAN output

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Espen Mikkelsen
Espen Mikkelsen 2018년 3월 23일
답변: Espen Mikkelsen 2018년 3월 24일
I have one array with height values and another with density.
Height = [386.5 446.1 526.6 621.5 660.6 711.4 734.9 792.8 810.2 817.9 893.7 1136.8 1317 1420.2 1426.2]
Density = [1.216 1.203 1.194 1.182 1.178 1.171 1.169 1.161 1.160 1.160 1.151 1.122 1.101 1.091 1.091]
I want to interpolate, so I can find the density of any heights. F.eks find the density at 500m. I have tried to do this:
Out = interp1(Height,Density,500);
But this only gives NAN numbers as output. I really cant understand, because I tried exactly the same earlier, and then it worked.

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Espen Mikkelsen
Espen Mikkelsen 2018년 3월 24일
For some strange reason, it was working again when I restarted Matlab.

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