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Derivative of legendreP function

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Xin 22 Feb 2018
답변: Star Strider 22 Feb 2018
Hello. I am wondering how could one differentiate the legendre polynomial, e.g. like legendreP(5,x) can be expressed as (63*x^5)/8 - (35*x^3)/4 + (15*x)/8 and how to let matlab automatically give value of the derivative of it numerically. Is there a function that deals with this type of differentiation?
Thanks a lot


Star Strider
Star Strider 22 Feb 2018
The best way to compute the derivative of a vector (that I assume you are computing) is to use the gradient (link) function. The advantage is that it produces a result vector the same length as the argument vector. See the documentation for the details of the computations it uses and its other abilities.

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