Please explain the star marked

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Komal Gaikwad
Komal Gaikwad 2018년 2월 17일
댓글: Komal Gaikwad 2018년 2월 17일
IND=find(A_mat ~=0);
V_O=[]; *************************
for h=1:length(IND)
V_O=[V_O IND(h)*ones(1,A_mat(IND(h)))];**************
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Stephen23 2018년 2월 17일
편집: Stephen23 2018년 2월 17일
These are basic MATLAB concepts. You can learn them by doing the introductory tutorials, which are highly recommended for all beginners:
and by reading the find, length, and ones documentation.
Komal Gaikwad
Komal Gaikwad 2018년 2월 17일
thnx @Stephen cobeldick

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