How to plot a cropped image in another axis within the same figure?

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If my figure has two axes/subplots and one of them plots an image, how can I use imcrop on that image and plot the cropped image in the other axis/subplot?
Ideally, the plot of the cropped image in the second axis/subplot will update as I adjust the rectangular cropping tool used on the image in the first axis/subplot.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2018년 1월 23일
cropped_version = imcrop(handle_of_first_axes);
imshow(cropped_version, 'Parent', handle_of_second_axes);
This will not update as you adjust the crop tool.
For interactive cropping, imcrop calls the undocumented internal toolbox/images/imuitools/+iptui/imcropRect.m which you could copy and hack for your own purposes (but it might rely on other tools in +iptui )

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