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Cannot find installer for R2012a Matlab license on Windows 10 64 bit

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Nathan Goedeke
Nathan Goedeke 2018년 1월 14일
댓글: Nathan Goedeke 2018년 1월 14일
I got a new Windows 10 computer, and I am trying to download Matlab on the license that I have since 2012.
These are the steps I took:
-Logged into my Mathworks account
-Selected licensed product
-Selected "Download" (alternatively selected "Install and activate" and then "Download Installer" with the same effect)
-Selected "Download products from any of your licensed releases" and then "Continue"
-Selected "R2012a"
-Selected "Windows (64-bit)"
At this point, I am confronted with the following screen:
Is this some bug, or did I do something wrong?
Please, all I want in life is to just install the Matlab I paid for on my new PC.
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Nathan Goedeke
Nathan Goedeke 2018년 1월 14일
I thought that was this was, or at least this question should be easy enough to not warrant it. Oh well

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