Combine two columns into one by first two rows A two rows B and so on

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Dave 2017년 12월 18일
답변: Roger Stafford 2017년 12월 18일
Hi, I want to combine two columns A and B (both 4x1) into one column C by using first the first two rows of A, then the first two rows of B, then the second two rows of A and so on.
I tried
N = size(A,1)+size(B,1) ;
C = zeros(N,1) ;
C(1:2:end) = A ;
C(2:2:end) = B ;
But not working.
Answer should be

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Roger Stafford
Roger Stafford 2017년 12월 18일
C = reshape([reshape(A,2,[]);reshape(B,2,[])],[],1);
This depends on the lengths of the column vectors A and B being the same multiple of 2.

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