Identifying parameters for an Equation of motion

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Alaa Hameed
Alaa Hameed 2017년 12월 12일
Hi, I have a data set that represent the free vibration of a structure. I want to quantify the dynamic parameters of the structure (mass, stiffness, damping coefficient, friction force) using optimization scheme by solving an equation of motion, which defined as follows:
What I am try to do is how to define the objective function that I want to pass it to the optimizing function (ga:genetic algorithm). I wort so far a function that will give me the difference( that I want to minimize it) between two curves (data set and the solution of the equation for specified conditions and values of the parameters that I want to quantifying them (m, k, c*, F). What I am stuck on is how to define these parameters as variables that I am seeking for in the optimizing function (ga).
  • my main script:*
% define the initial conditions and parameters
initial=[30/1000, 0]; % [displacement Velocity]
% define the data set
% call the function that will solve the equation and return the difference between the two curves. I used Runge-Kutta method
f=RK(k,m,zeta,F,initial,dt, tf,d2,h)
_ * * My function**_
function C1= RK(k,m,zeta,F,initial,dt, tf,d2,h)
for i=1:length(t)-1
% here the Rk implementation script ;
d1=........; % the computed displacement response for specific parameters
1 %%%%%simple difference
C1 =sum(diff);
So for one special initial condition, I want to vary the parameters values until I get the global optimum set of parameters that gives me the minimum difference between the two curves. Any ideas? Would anyone help me,please!

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