Solve equation of motion using ode45!

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Alaa Hameed
Alaa Hameed 2017년 12월 11일
편집: Star Strider 2017년 12월 12일
Hi, I am trying to solve an equation of motion using ode45. I saw others work, and how they implement the method, however, I did not get a reasonable answer. It seems so simple, but I do not know why I got such weird answers! Could anyone help me figure it out? My code is as follows:
main body:
X=[.002 ; 0];
[t,y]=ode45(@YP,t, X);
plot(t,y(1), '+')
plot(t,y(2), 'o')
function ydot= YP(t,x)
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James Tursa
James Tursa 2017년 12월 11일
What is the ode you are trying to solve?
Alaa Hameed
Alaa Hameed 2017년 12월 11일
the free vibration : m*A+ c*V+ k*x=0 where, A:acceleration V:velocity x:displacement m:mass; c:damping coefficient; k:stiffness

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James Tursa
James Tursa 2017년 12월 12일
figure;plot(t,y(:,1));grid on
figure;plot(t,y(:,2));grid on
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Alaa Hameed
Alaa Hameed 2017년 12월 12일
Yes! how I did not pay attention to it! Thanks...

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