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V R . 2017년 10월 28일
I have to plot an Eye Diagram of ~4 millions bits, each bit represented with 40 samples, then I have a total number of samples of which plotting an Eye Diagram of ~160 millions.
I'm using the eyediagram function instead of the System Object comm.EyeDiagram since it's a static plot I want to produce at the end of the processing. The samples are stored in an array of ~160 millions elements.
It's also behaving strangely from a performance point of view:
  • plotting 0.01% of data takes 0.5 s
  • plotting 0.1% of data takes 10 s
  • plotting 0.2% of data takes 50 s
Why the eyediagram function execution time is not linear with the dimension of data? And how can I speed up its execution? Or, do you know a faster method? Will the System Object be faster in plotting all the data?
Thank you

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