Percentage change and plot

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gorilla3 2017년 10월 18일
답변: MAHANTH CHOUTA 2019년 8월 1일
I ran my code multiple times, by assigning a different value to one of the variables (Pa) each time. The results are stored in a matrix of solutions (cbf) 285x7. The 1st column is the one with the baseline values.
I would now like to calculate the percentage change of each column with respect to the baseline column and plot it against Pa (%cfb change vs. Pa) Could you help me?
I presume I have to perform this calculation:
for n=1:7
percentage= ((cbf(:,n) - (cbf(:,1))) ./ cbf(:,1)).*100
But the plot of %change cbf against the Pa values that I manipulated appears only as a white canvas:


KL 2017년 10월 18일
편집: KL 2017년 10월 18일
You may want to store the output in a matrix though,
for n=1:size(cbf,2)-1
percentage(:,n)= ((cbf(:,n+1) - (cbf(:,1))) ./ cbf(:,1)).*100
or, you could just write without a loop,
percentage = ((cbf(:,2:end) - (cbf(:,1))) ./ cbf(:,1)).*100;

MAHANTH CHOUTA 2019년 8월 1일
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