How to create and open a Code Composer Studio(CCS) project for TI C2000 boards from Simulink in R2017a ?

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How can I create a CCS project for TI C2000 boards in Simulink and open it in the Code Composer Studio IDE using MATLAB R2017a?

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team 2017년 9월 25일
The following sections explain how to create, open and execute a CCS project in  *MATLAB R2017a*.
Note that this feature is not available in MATLAB versions prior to R2017a 
After installing the TI C2000 Support package and completing the additional setup tasks mentioned here, follow the steps below:
  • Open the attached model *c28x_LedBlink_ert.slx *in Simulink 
  • The model is configured for a default target hardware(TI Piccolo F28035). To select a different target hardware, go to Configuration Parameters > Hardware Implementation > Hardware board 
  • If a different processor is selected, make sure that the GPIO blocks are replaced with the corresponding processor's GPIO block from the Simulink library. Also, the GPIO Pins to which the LED is connected will vary with the processor being used.
  • By default, the model is configured with the CCSv6 Toolchain to build, load and run. To change the version of Toolchain, go to Model Configuration Parameters > Code Generation > Build process > Toolchain and select the appropriate Toolchain matching your Code Composer Studio(CCS) installation.
  * Note that CCS project creation is not supported with CCSv3.3 and CCSv4 toolchains 
  • ClickBuild Modelto build, load and run the program and to create the CCS project. 
  • Click on ‘View Diagnostics’ to open the Diagnostic Viewer 
  • Under the Code Composer Studio Project section in the Diagnostic Viewer, click on the hyperlink that says *'Open Project in Code Composer Studio'*
  * This will open the Code Composer Studio IDE with the generated project 
  • Now open the 'Project Explorer' from 'View' Tab in CCS 
  • Right click on the Target Configuration File (.ccxml) and click on 'Set as Active Target Configuration'
  * Inside the Project Explorer pane, right click on the project in CCS and click on *'Build Project'* to start the build process 
  • Make sure that the target hardware is connected to the host PC 
  • Go to Run tab in CCS and click on *Debug (F11)* to start the debug session 
  • Click on the Play-button icon within the Debug mode to execute the code on the target
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Vittoria Gonçalves
Vittoria Gonçalves 2019년 4월 3일
On the Diagnostic Viewer, I had a problem, give simulation error and say that:
Caused by:
  • A fatal error occurred when accessing the coverage tool: cvi.TopModelCov.modelTerm
Can someone help me?

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Haichen Liu
Haichen Liu 2018년 3월 7일
SO where is model c28x_LedBlink_ert.slx.
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Cédric Behr
Cédric Behr 2018년 6월 4일
Hello, For those who are still looking for the 'c28x_LedBlink_ert.slx', it is attached to the tutorial on top of it. I've been looking for it for a few days but i found it after reading the tutorial several times with attention.

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Haichen Liu
Haichen Liu 2018년 3월 7일
i got it thx

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