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How to categorize paper / plastic image is 2D or 3D object in image ?

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Hassan Mehmood Khan
Hassan Mehmood Khan 13 Sep 2017
답변: Image Analyst 26 Oct 2018
I am developing a program to categorise image of paper or plastic object, (Flat or scrambled paper). After taking image , i need to collect the data whether the object in image is 2D OR 3D.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 26 Jun 2018
Try asking regionprops() for the solidity. By the way, a webcam is a sensor, though not a 3-D one.
OCDER 26 Jun 2018
Are you planning to use deep learning? There are a lot of clever artists who can draw 3D-looking objects on a flat paper. So is that 2D or 3D? If you take a picture of a picture of a 3D crumbled paper (for instance, a screenshot of a crumbled paper) is that 3D or 2D? You could use the camera sensor to take images at two different angles and see if the object shape changes accordingly to a crumbled paper or a flat paper. Search "Stereo Imaging" on the web.
Hassan Mehmood Khan
Hassan Mehmood Khan 26 Oct 2018
Sir i am not using deep learning. Just want to Use SVM for classification. Need to classify crumbled paper, Crumbled plastic, Flat Paper and Tin Can. Need help to identify what type of features i can use for classification.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 26 Oct 2018
Try stdfilt() and look for uniform areas (flat paper) or rough areas (crumpled paper). Attach your images if you need any more help.

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