Can I only declare a variable NOT define.

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Jeong-Hoon Park
Jeong-Hoon Park . 2017년 8월 23일
편집: José-Luis . 2017년 8월 23일
When I make a program, I've got a question. In C/C++, before using a variable, should define or at least declare the variable like the following.
int a;
int a = 2;
However in MATLAB, Can I just declare a variable? In other words, is

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José-Luis 2017년 8월 23일
편집: José-Luis 님. 2017년 8월 23일
No. Different paradigm. Matlab is weakly typed. Double is the default type. Implicit conversions everywhere.
dummy = '3' * 5
Even funnier:
dummy = 'θ' - pi
If you need it to exist before using it (why?), you can declare it to be empty.
a = [];
And go on your merry way.

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